Welcome to Verdant

The world is verdant, thick with life.

Twining tendrils creeping over stone, burrowing roots cracking up flagstones, and broad, fat leaves drinking up the sunlight above and casting a gloom over all below.

The civilized races have been pushed nearly into the seas by the growing wildernesses, for in those dark bowers, waiting in the crooks of the tree branches or peeking from beneath the gnarled knees of trees, are things of savagery, and worse.

But somewhere, in that knotted mass of fibrous stalks and wood, lie the ruins of those who came before. Legends tell of massive stone structures overrun with vegetation out there, being consumed by the forest. They hold secrets, it is said, secrets of magic, of history, and of our heritage. But as the greenery cascades down over the shores from inland, as the seaweed clogs our shipping lanes, as the storms grow fiercer and as the spore winds from the south bring choking death, we cannot gain purchase in that wilderness to seek out those secrets.

It is all we can do to stay alive.

Strange, isn’t it, when there is so much life, it suffocates?

About Verdant

Verdant is a fantasy campaign set in a custom world that is essentially the polar opposite of Dune and Dark Sun. Instead of a barren wasteland, the game world is absolutely overrun by life – life so abundant and diverse that the civilized races have been forced to live at the edges of the forest – that twilight world between forest and sea.

Verdant is designed for Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons play, but should be adaptable to most systems.

The campaign world is currently under development while we kick the tires on 4E in Keep on the ShadowFell. Once we get that over with, hopefully, we’ll be ready for some adventuring in the world of Verdant.

Banner image modified from a photo by Bill Liao, banner licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.


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