The Civilized Races of the World of Verdant

The “civilized races” are those which live within the small city-states that sit around the edges of the continents. While there are intelligent races which live within the interior of the continents, these races are generally characterized by savage brutality, which is one of the many reasons less warlike races have moved to the perimeter.

  • Humans – The primary stock of the world of Verdant.
  • Sidhe – The solitary race of beings that still walks in the wild lands.
  • Sidhe-Blood – The political offspring of Humans and Sidhe.
  • SeaBorn – The seafaring brethren of humans.

Other races

The other fantasy staples for character races (Dwarves, Eladrin, Dragonfolk, Tieflings) do not exist in the world of Verdant. At the DM’s option, other races may be introduced by way of planar travel or some other device, but players should expect to receive intense scrutiny and distrust.

One variant option is to play a reformed Brae, the bestial goat-men of the interior, for sometimes they break with their race’s cruel ways. Beginning characters will not be allowed to play Brae, but it may become an option in the future.


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