An offshoot of the human race, the SeaBorn live on the kelpweed seas in great tethered communities. Many centuries ago, it is said, a group of humans, tiring of always being at war with the creatures of the interior, built seafaring ships and left the continents, seeking a land of prophecy where they could live in peace. They never found it (as far as the SeaBorn let on), but they did learn the secrets of seafaring, a difficult task when the seas are choked with seaweed.

Over many generations, they swiftly evolved to be small and light, for the sea claimed many who could not swim or who were too heavy for their meager craft. Their ships are almost spherical in shape, made with corkwood, an extremely light wood that is harvested from massive seaweed plants that grow down to the bottom of the sea (the corkwood lifts their fibrous tendrils to the surface to collect nutrients and sunlght). The ships are spherical so that they can “bob like a cork on the water” during storms and so that there is nothing to get tangled in the forests of seaweed below the surface of the water.

The SeaBorn jealously guard their secrets for seafaring, such as how they protect their ships from Shipworm, a parasite that eats away at the wooden boats of non-SeaBorn.

Game Effects

SeaBorn use the default rules for Halflings from the Players Handbook with the following modifications:

  • SeaBorn lose their +2 bonus to Thievery.
  • SeaBorn have a Swim speed of 3.
  • SeaBorn get a +2 bonus to Endurance checks to hold breath or tread water.
  • SeaBorn get a +2 bonus to Nature checks involving the seas and oceans.

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